Big Giant Head

by The Surfin' Joes

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released July 23, 2017

All Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics by Dustin Mastandrea
Drums by Tim O'keefe and Mark Hill



all rights reserved


The Surfin' Joes Hawaii

Alternative/Surf/Pop Punk

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Track Name: Joe Six-Pack
Shapes surfboards in his garage.
Smoothin' over all the flaws
and dreamin' of a treasure sunk at sea.

Wrenchin' rides between the tides
and it always makes him smile
when he overhears them sayin'
"grease monkey".

Goin' steady on the weekends she says,
"Joe when do I get to meet your friends?"
He says "Someday when I'm not surfin'".

Joe Six-Pack
Track Name: Saddle Surfer
Joe took his horse down to the shore
to see what he could see.
All he saw was a great big wave come
crashin' down and knock him off his feet.

Surfer, saddle surfer.

Gettin' barrelled hangin' ten on a
saddle don't need fins.

Chaps, boots, hat and guns he shot a shark
dinner's done! Had a girl back on land
surfed across the ocean grand.

Surfer, saddle surfer.

Gettin' barrelled hangin' ten on a
saddle don't need fins.

Met new folks and broke some bread they all
worshipped the big giant head.
Joe said "Well hey it's been fun" he jumped
on his saddle and surfed into the sun.

Surfer, saddle surfer.

Gettin' barrelled hangin' ten on a
saddle don't need fins.

Now Joe's a legend on every cave wall.
The waves found him and he surfed them all.
He saw the world and when he came back
he shaped a board and for his saddle, a rack.
Track Name: Suzzie Two Z
Suzzie Two Z dates the coolest guy in school.
Coolest guy in school.
Goes out with the boys everynight to shoot pool.
Everynight to shoot some pool.
Suzzie waves the flag in the headlights at the drag.
waves the flag at the drag.
She looks like Marilyn Monroe when the wind starts to blow.
Looks just like Marilyn Monroe.
Suzzie Two Z doesn't even have to try.
Doesn't have to even try.
To catch the eye of everyone she walks by.
Catch the eye of everyone.
What she really wants is a greaser with a switchblade knife.
Wants a greaser with a knife.
I said "goodluck" Suzzie and she tightened up my necktie.
Goodluck Suzzie, Suzzie Two Z.
Track Name: Caveman Joe
Packed up the kids and wife.
Rolled the rock in front of door
real tight. Snow shoes crunchin' through
the snow. His name was Caveman, Caveman Joe!

Caveman Joe saw a U.F.O. One night
by the firelight. It was a big giant head alright!

Caveman Joe saw a U.F.O. It picked him
up in a beam of light and he disappeared

His name was Caveman, Caveman Joe!

They took him through space and time.
Where he became one with the sublime.
When he came back home he grunted "Whoa
man what a ride!".